What is Local Search Optimization?

Local search results are the results that the major search engines (like Google) return when you enter a search term they deem the most relevant results will be local businesses.
For example if you live or are visiting Portland Oregon and you search on Google for “Portland Pizza” Google will return these results…

Local Search Results

These show all the pizza places in Portland and being ranked high on these listings can be the difference in hundreds or thousands of customers per month.

Why do you as a business owner care about local search?

Here are some remarkable statistics about why ranking well when someone searches for you online is extremely important…

  • 2.6 Billion local searches conducted per month
  • 20% of searches are related to location
  • 70% of people look online for information before going to a brick and mortar store
  • 80% of purchases are made within 15 miles of where people live

As we’ve mentioned before…

“Getting ranked in the search engine local listings can drive thousands of customers to you”

One of the best things about local listings is that there is low competition with only 11% of small businesses claiming their local listing. This leaves the market wide open for you to dominate.
Ranking your local listing is one of our specialties and is one of the most significant local search optimization factors.

This isn’t a fad. Local search is the evolution of search and will Increase your local visibility

Ranking high in local search results will increase the number of people that visit your store. As you can see in the “heat map” below peoples eyes focus primarily on the first 1-2 listings in the local results. With the low competition and what you will learn in this guide that can be you.

Local Search Heat Map – http://www.ionadas.com

What You Need to Do to Capitalize on This Opportunity

To take advantage of local search we help you…

  1. Do market research
  2. Claim your local listing at Google Places
  3. Claim your local listing at Bing, Yahoo & other websites
  4. Manage & Optimize

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