Choosing the Right Social Networking Site

You have probably heard it all before and you already know that it is very important that your company has a social media presence. What you might not have heard is that these social networking sites are not limited to the top two that you hear about the most – Facebook and Twitter. This is not to say that these platforms are not important, but rather to let you know that there are many platforms for you to choose from and that they might not all be the right one.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the other social networks out there. You may find that your niche uses a certain type of social networking site as a driving force behind the conversation and how the consumer perceives their brand. A fashion label may use Instagram and Tumblr to generate leads, and an interior design magazine’s bread and butter may be Pinterest. Explore as much as you can and see what seems to fit your needs most. You can expand without leaving Facebook and Twitter behind while connecting to a lot of dedicated customers that are already looking for your niche.  You can also link most profiles together to create an ever increasing network of your own.

How Social Networking Can Help Manage Your Reputation

Your social media accounts can greatly help your reputation, but if you manage them poorly you may run the risk of negatively impacting them. It is extremely important that you keep up with comments, follow up with replies and always address any negative feedback.

A well-managed social media presence means positive results for your company in search engines which in turn will attract more potential clients. The more you do to make yourself available and part of the conversation, the more likely people are to engage with you. From then on, word of mouth and your followers spread the word for you.